About 'Lading'

The tasks of the 'Lading' service are to simplify the routine work of transport logists, dispatchers and managers of production, trading, logistics, transport companies involved in solving transport issues when seeking, designing and executing orders for the carriage of cargos by outsourcing road freight transport.

  1. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing, trading and logistics companies around the world are participants in the road freight transport market. Some of them use their own vehicles - some use the services of specialized transport companies.
  2. Most manufacturing and trading companies use the services of transport and logistics companies on outsourcing, since the use of their own vehicles, despite the availability of certain benefits, requires significant organizational and financial efforts.
  3. The search for cars for the transportation of cargos and cargos, which can be downloaded own cars, turn into a tedious pursuit of up-to-date and reliable information among the array of 'information garbage', which is filled with the market of road freight transport.
  4. Lading' Service is designed to provide the most effective cooperation between customers and operators of road freight transport services, using modern information technologies and innovative innovative solutions for this purpose.
  5. Do your logistics require actual, complete and reliable information?

  6. Welcome to Lading!

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